I do have to admit that I can be Garfield who hate Mondays sometimes. Today was one of those days that Monday was hard to get moving because of the rain and cloudiness but having an appointment stopped me from being too lazy today thankfully. Yes, it rained A LOT today and yes, I DID get outdoors despite the rain, and believe it or not, I really had to go to my appointment even though I did not want to really go. I did want to see my counselor and I did want to see my case worker today even though I did not want to go to my appointment and I did not really have a choice anyway. Today was one of those Mondays I can understand Garfield not liking Mondays. I personally do wish that there were two Fridays, lol but that will never happen — only in my dreams.

Anyway, I did have a good counseling session. When I got there I wished that the session did not last an hour today after getting there and spilling my guts, accomplishments, and continued progress in growing up. It was one heck of a long road getting to the growing up part of life, too, and I am now 38 years old. I will NEVER tell the details of my visits for personal reasons that my entries do go to the public world of reading.

After my appointment, with it still raining, I got home in good time. Got lazy for the rest of the day … not! I couldn’t. I could not really relax when I got home. I was on edge about getting things done. My world gets that way sometimes. Oh well, that’s life.

I do have my living skills coordinator coming tomorrow and it is getting late and I should hit the sack and get some shut eye. I do not know what is wrong with me for staying up so late these days — is the culprit, lol in regards to their new games section and i love every minute of those games, too. It is almost midnight here in Wisconsin so it is time for me to say adios for the night. I shall be back tomorrow …. give and take the weather is decent tomorrow according to the weather patterns — that is why I did not get online until later today again.

Good night everyone!

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