I Am Thinking About Something VERY Important

Just a few days ago I had pulled out a notebook that I had begun to write some thoughts about my Grandfather and read some of my thoughts. The thoughts, being words or phrases of things I remembered about my grandfather are in this notebook. U have been thinking about taking that notebook with words and phrases and creating powerpoint presentation of my memories of my grandfather. I just do not have all the ideas formulated yet but everything is in the works. My grandpa was very important to me even though during my teenager days I was a pain in the keester butt with him but he always had the patience with me and many other kids since he was a retired teacher since the late 70’s before I was even ten years old in 1980; Today, seriously enough, Grandpa is remembered by many of his colleagues who are still alive and by former students he had when he was teaching, couching, being the man he was…my grandfather. Who could ask for more? I surely couldn’t even though I did ask a lot from him in my day. This is very important to me.

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