Do You Remember Where You Were, What You Were Doing On 9/11/01

To be very honest with you, I do remember exactly what I was doing that very day on 9/11/01. I was getting ready to go to an appointment down the street from where I lived, have a friend pick me up for shopping and lunch, and then come home and enjoy the rest of my day at home with my cat Emilee. When I had turned on the television that morning to see what was going on, I do have to admit that I was unaware of what was happening and only saw one of the two planes hit the twin towers in New York, not knowing that it was a terrorist attack on the United States by someone of another country. I thought it was only a bad plane crash flying out of NY that day that just was having some major troubles. Throughout that day I heard radios playing the news. While I was waiting for my friend outside, I heard a vehicle radio playing the news and two gentlemen talking about the planes hitting the twin towers killing people and the buildings (the twin towers) coming down to its final death taking people with it. I was in shock or was in a state of shock at that point because I could not believe what was happening to our country, to our people, to our world. As a Christian woman professing to be the Christian that I was at the time, I was in some denial of what was happening; My friend had arrived and she had the news on as well and I had asked her what was going on today and why the news was such a big thing today and she explained to me what was going on and I just practically froze up and thought that we are going to war again and my world was personally already in shambles and messed up and I needed to get myself out of my own shambled world if there was such a thing, My heart ached for all the people that were dead because of what happened but I think I more or less felt dumb and stupid not catching on to what was going on before I had left for my appointment just down the street;

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