What Do I think Today on 9/11/08

Seven years ago this incident happened killing people, security in airports have become more secure to the point traveling has become more of a chore than a fun expected vacation to go anywhere. I even remember going to New Mexico two months after the terrorist attack on the United States and I had to be convinced big time to go and be with my family in New Mexico later promising I would go to New Mexico to be with my sister pup Flyer, a Basenji who I would not be able to break a promise to once it was made. My world, like I said, at the time, was in shambles and it was a need to repair a lot of it, but at that time I was not ready to make any changes in my life. Not yet anyway. Flying that year was one heck of an experience but worthwhile at the end when finally getting there and getting back home afterwards. Today, the memory of what happened that day in my life on top of what happened to this world has not yet forgotten — not even pieces of what happened that day have been forgotten as if my world at that point was supposed to be experienced even though I did not lose any loved ones I knew of in the attack in New York. I was hurt and still hurt for those loved ones who are dealing with today everyday of their lives and every year be reminded of what happened to those who were killed, Today and always… my heart goes out to everyone!

As for my day, I went on with my day as normal … with the pain of what was seven years ago. I had my friends RB and JW over for the afternoon for awhile finding an emotional afternoon for the three of us for other reasons. RB had mentioned something about 9/11 earlier that day and i just about froze and screamed but didn’t. I told RB I wished not to talk about 9/11 right now. I did not to be reminded of what happened seven days ago on that day. I was feeling the aches and pains of many people as well as my own. I felt selfish today all day long! My heart ached! I wanted to sleep the day away and never see it but it so happened that I lived my day just like everyone else.

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