My Final Entry of The Day

With midnight of Wisconsin time just fifteen minutes or so away I better get to writing quickly, lol. Today, since I had written a very fast qjuickie, I did my laundry and picked up a little bit for my living skills coordinator to come by tomorrow, Tuesday, to do her cleaning and get out of here fast so I can have my day to myself until my Bible study comes. I did have a great day. My world is fine at the moment. CD and I got together for awhile during my laundry time and we chatted and watched television on the little television in the laundry room, and I read quite a bit while time slowly moved on. When I picked up my place a bit to make it livable again, my computer desk was picked up as well and it looks pretty good again. I still love my desk a lot. A friend of mine, who bought my computer windows computer, found this desk for me and I love it! It is an awesome desk! Not too big and not too small. It seems fine to the eye but every week my LSW always find a smell in my apartment and that is driving me crazy hearing about it every week anyway. I talked to my caseworker MM this afternoon and all is going well between us and my world seems to be heading in the right direction. We talked about my weekend and what I did, what I plan for the week until our next conversation on Friday. We chat every Monday and Friday at this time. I see my LSW on Tuesdays mostly unless I call or she calls to tell me she is not coming by for reasons of appointments, meetings, vacation, or I am not well. Even after my laundry was done and CD left for the day, with my door locked behind her to keep out the riff raff and people just opening the door, I went to take a quick nap that turned out to be until 11 p.m., lol. I should have just gone to bed but here I am a couple of minutes now before midnight Wisconsin time (CST) giving a quick update on my day.

I better sign off now and say good night and God bless for the night and come back tomorrow after my LSW and Bible study at 1 p.m. or so. Oh, don’t worry, my LSW will be gone within an hour after gets here — way before my Bible study arrives. I will be watching Bear as well tomorrow.

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