Another Quickie

All is fine here, Bing and I doing just fine. We had a fairly busy day right here at home. We enjoyed each others company. Right now Bing is sleeping on the bed in the living room and I am getting ready to go to bed here myself in a few minutes. Today was a beautiful day. I hope I can sleep good tonight. Did sleep okay last night but I laid in bed for a while before finally dozing off. I did have a good day today even though it was pretty much spent at home and in the building I live in. Today, because of my honesty about the pop machine goofing off giving me a pop when I didn’t put money into the machine, the gentleman who fills the pop machine gave me a free pop for my honesty due to the fact that i paid for the pop that was not paid for but I had gotten anyway. That was sweet of the pop man to give me a free pop for my honesty and paying for a pop that I got out of the machine. Telling the truth and being honest does have its rewards all the time sometime down the road when we do not expect it and the free pop was not expected. All I expected was paying for a pop that I had gotten out of the machine after i paid for one pop. In other words, at the time I had gotten two cans of pop for the price of one and all honesty it was not right of me to not pay for it so in the machine so the following day I had told the management what happened and gave her the money for the second can of pop I did drink. Also today, I had gotten the light fixture above my kitchen sink replaced because it was pretty much done for so the maintenance man who came today replaced the entire light fixture so now I have a working light above the sink. My friend RB called while I was out getting my exercise and flapping my jaws, lol, with other tenants who were in the community room playing bingo. I did not play. Just watched a couple of rounds, talked and listened. After that, I pretty much came home and got online for a while before retiring for the evening which is pretty much soon. I am tired. Had a good day. Somewhat unexpected but mainly expected.

This entry may have been a quickie … again maybe not, lol. My readers can be the judges today, tonight or tomorrow when they read this one, Good night my dear friends here at Dear Diary and God bless.

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