Patience is a Virtue

😛 is sticking out his tongue at me in regards to the phrase “Patience is a virtue”. How right is that thought or that phrase because right now I am not feeling all that patient, lol. I am okay, though. The very reason I am using the phrase tonight or today is because “patience is a virtue at the moment. I am working on changing the outlook of my dear diary blogging spot or diary — actually it is a diary more so than anything — for the winter months now that the weather for us who live in Wisconsin are going to be colder and more gloomy for several weeks. Tonight, forgetting how to change the outlook of my dear diary page just a tiny bit, I am going to be working on it bit by bit for the next few days … along with working on two other very important projects starting tomorrow if the weather is decent since my two major projects require either the internet or Power Point or both, I am looking ahead and myself definitely looking forward to my two major projects — knowing the fact that I LOVE computers and doing research which one of them does require. The Power Point project is something of my own doing in regard to my grandparents on my mother’s side of the family, and then once I get finished with that project I will be doing a Power Point project on my dad’s side of the family. The PP projects are personal and something I want to do. The one project that requires research is going to take some time so patience is a virtue. 🙂 Now I am smiling without sticking my tongue at myself, lol.

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