What did I do today? Well, I got out of this building for awhile with my friend JT and her pup Bear after 11 a.m. until almost 5 p.m. We went to the DMV, Ponderosa for lunch, Wal-Mart, and then to the Salvation Army food pantry. After that, we came home and unpacked our food and the JT left to go to her boyfriend’s for the rest of the evening. I had called her around 9 p.m. and she was in the parking lot of our building. As for the rest of my day, I watched television and got ready for bed. My body, which is one thing I have not gone into detail, had fallen in my apartment with JT and Bear witnessing the fall. It was OUCH but I am okay. I am aching and slower moving than I wish to be. I have a bump on my right arm from the fall, on my left arm, and I feel bruised in the lower front part of my legs as well. Honestly, I do not know what I did except for the fact that I remember turning to leave my bedroom and the next thing I am doing in falling forward into the hallway of my apartment and landed on my bottom but before landing on my bottom, I was falling forward and bumped my arms on the floor. Poor Bear thought that I really hurt myself worse than it really looked. He was whining and giving me kisses and sad that had fallen. I do not even know where Bing was at at the moment but knew that he was in the apartment someplace. Bing was definitely out of the way of the big fall I made, thankfully.

My evening at home I did not do much of anything after I had gotten back from being with JT. Honestly, I did not feel like moving much because my legs and arms were sore still are from my fall in the narrow hallway. Did a lot of television watching. I am going to bed here shortly. An early night for me since I have been out in the nice fresh air. Did have fun even though the fall I had made me feel a lot more slower than usual.

Am I embarrassed about falling? No. I fall all the time and I am used to it even though I wish that I was shorter and did not have that far to fall today.

<Do you know what I wish today? That there was no more negativity in my life but as of today there is still some negativity that I need to walk away from and already, as of a couple of weeks ago, I have begun walking away from some of the negativity that is still in my life. I also wish that a certain someone would just leave me alone and go on with her life with her boyfriend.

Who’s birthday would it have been? My grandma, MIF would have been 89 years old today if she as still alive. I can not believe that it has been eleven years now since she passed away. Time does go by very fast and that is the way it should be anyway. Grandma F is missed very much.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday”

  1. Sorry about your fall. Glad that your hurts aren’t serious. Feel better soon.

    My grandmother died 10 and a half years ago. She would have been 91, has she lived. We still miss her.

  2. It sounds like you had a good time with JT. It’s good to kill time at Wal-Mart; I’ve done that many times. It’s good to hear your okay, failling can be painful, but I’m glad you only bumped your elbow. I hope you have a great weekend. God bless.


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