My weekend was just fine. Did get some things done today but intend to get more done tomorrow before Tuesday. Still have some table (kitchen) to clear off but it is definitely an improvement since this afternoon. I even got a paper bag full of can goods to donate to the bingo night this coming Thursday or nights thereafter. I did go out for breakfast with a neighbor friend of mine this morning at a place called Wander In Cafe. Had a good breakfast and enjoyed every bite of it but did have some leftover on my plate not worth taking home though…that’s okay. Did get out of here for a while again today. YAY. As for the rest of my day, I did some picking up and putting things away. Tomorrow is laundry day for me despite I do not want to do it, lol. I hate doing laundry with a passion, but do it anyway. A part of life I have lived with for years since I lived at home and moved out. Ironing was one of my most disliked jobs, too, lol. Living at home as a teenager was not too bad but I didn’t like living at home as a teenager either. Who doesn’t? Why did I even mention my teenager days in here tonight? LOL Oh well.

Did have a good day. Did a lot of reading in my recliner. Bing and I cuddled together for a while today and we catnapped in the recliner together for a few minutes. Right now, with time being 9:30 p.m. and my visit with my mom has been done and over with since 8 p.m., it is time for me to get ready for bed for the night. Have a fairly big day tomorrow and Tuesday this week.

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