Can not Believe it is Monday Already!

Dang! Where did my weekend go? It disappeared just as quickly as it appeared in my book. That is what happens when you have plans made for the weekend — something to look forward to because Friday and Sunday I spent some time with a couple of friends I have not seen in a while. Friday I went out with my friend CB and Sunday morning I went to breakfast with my friend LS who lives just down the hall from me. We both have had busy lives playing lately that yesterday was the first time a while, a couple of weeks is a while to us both, that we were able to sit down at a table and have fun, conversation, and time together alone. As for the weekend, Monday is here already and in about an hour, Tuesday will be here and I have a busy day ahead of me once again. I am happy. I still cannot believe, even though Monday is disappearing very quickly, that Monday is here already. My weekend has come and gone very quickly … as much as I would like to the day be still Friday because my time with CB seemed short and sweet, and over so quickly … fun though. I am okay … really. I have a big day tomorrow as well as Wednesday.

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