A Moment In Thought – How Long is This Going to Be … Don’t Ask, Please.

At this point in time I realized that my weekend came and went so quickly. Did get my laundry done today, my table cleared off, my dishes done, so my apartment looks livable and presentable. I even put away one of my TV tray tables … the one that was at the end of my bed in the living room. The bed in the living room is now going to be considered a couch. I just have to arrange it a little bit nicer…that’s all. I am still not sure if my bed is going to be sold yet or not so if it isn’t. then it will remain here if need be. Okay…there is a reason for my writing this entry tonight so here it goes. This is a moment in thought … not time tonight. Okay …

This afternoon, while seeing the manager of the apartment building, we both saw and talked to someone who we did not expect to talk to at all but it so happened anyway. I am okay with that, but I surely felt my throat tightening with fear and I was unsure of what was going to happen or what was going to be said. What I did hear is something I did not want to hear but I believe my words went on deaf ears but that is nothing new with me. Oh well. Am I upset or angry at the fact that I ended up talking to this one person? No … not mad or upset or angry by any means … just a little shocked. I was not expecting to be talking to this person…that’s all. I am okay. I just felt a little uncomfortable at first but realized that I was okay and things were going to be alright in the long run even if I did not see it that way at the time. Oh well. I am not sure of what the manager thought but that’s okay. That is not my need to know anyway. Just let me say this, though. I was shocked for part of it though.

With that said, my moment in thought is done.

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