One More Entry

It is getting late and I have to get up a little bit early tomorrow to be ready by 8:30 a.m. so this is my last entry of the day. I know I have not been writing a whole lot lately but when there is a need, I do since this is my place and my spot to be but I have been busy. Even earlier tonight I ended up taking a nap on the bed here in the living room while watching one of my recorded Law and Order programs on TNT I recorded last week. Bing and I have been doing just fine. We have been keeping to ourselves more lately but when the need is, I do get out of my apartment for a while even if it is still in the building. I am looking forward to tomorrow, Tuesday because I am going to get my hair colored so I will be a bottled blonde on top of my already blonde hair. I do not like the dark roots the winter months bring so I am going to make them disappear for a few weeks for the beginning of winter. Then I will be gone bowling with a few other handicapped adults on a league since last week I was called and asked if I could be someone’s partner for the Rolling Thunders Bowling League and I said I would do it. Lately I have been busy doing a lot of writing, reading, and surfing the web playing games at myyearbook that I have been finding myself busy at home as well as out of the home giving Bing his time away from me who he sees practically 24/7, lol. Do I mind seeing Bing 24/7? My answer to that question is: NOPE, of course not. He’s my baby boy today and always!!!!

With that…I am going to say good night.

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  1. I rearragned things in my house too hoping to get more room. I have a little bit more room, but I know here in the next 6 months I’ll be able to move. Enjoy your evening.


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