My day… A friend of mine and I went out for breakfast this morning. Then we went out to lunch at the Salvation Army where I have seen a couple of other people I know from my past. After the Salvation Army, I was brought back home where my friend went with her man friend some place … where I was able to spend the day with my cat and myself.

My Evening @ home As for the rest of my day at home and evening…I decided to watch a couple of movies — actually three movies. I watched, as silly as it may sound, Amityville Horror, Child’s Play, and Pit & the Pendulum. Were there scary movies? No, not really since I have seen all of them but the third one. Pit & the Pendulum starring Vincent Price as Nicolas WAS very good for 1961..that’s for sure but not scary enough. The movie itself, seriously to me, was about a man named Nicolas who was mentally deranged to the point of delusional and such that I personally knew that VP could play such a good role. Not scary enough but understandably … mentally odd. I have seen worse.

Now After having the morning and afternoon out and the evening to myself for the most part, I do have to admit that I am back to the world of mine that is of the thinking mode all over again. I am a little bit hurt because of the fact that my world has been interrupted by negativity to some point and because of that I know who my true friends are and who are not my friends and there is one person who is not a friend and I bet big bucks this person knows exactly who she is too. I will not have anyone in my life who is two-faced, liar, or a person who thinks she can get away with anything with her lies and crying to certain people. This person, as bad as it may sound, is no longer allowed in my home and if she ever thinks I am mad at her one more time, I will be. No liars and no two-faced bitches or bastards are allowed in my life anymore. Am I afraid to speak my mind anymore? Nope. Also people who will change their tunes in a flash are no one to me anymore, either. People have to grow up and learn from their bull crap that what they serve will be served right back. Paybacks are hell…whether it is jokingly said or not…paybacks are definitely hell.

Now I have said my peace and it is time for me to go to bed. I personally think I am going to give myself a treat tonight before retiring.

Good Night I am going to say good night. Tonight was a night of venting. My venting entries always seem to go on forever, lol…

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