My World on A Friday Night Before Bed

Not much is really going on right now really…been lazying around all day and taking phone calls if I hear my phone ringing and it did ring at least twice today for the most part so I had an enjoyable evening here at home before retiring to bed for the night. I am feeling a little bit drained physically and mentally at the moment because of the fact that I am tired so sleep is soon to come in this house of mine. I did watch a little bit of television and napped and the napping part of my day kind of was an accident as I feel asleep watching a recorded program. Bing has been with me all day long wondering if I am okay so he has been napping nearby for the most part. I am looking forward to my weekend, my nightly rest, and my weekend alone. I had a very busy week and I am going to take my weekend and not be bothered by too many people. I am going to be taking care of me and Bing all weekend long. I have no plans for the weekend at this time except relaxation and laziness…I did wash up today as I do every day, lol. With time being 11 p.m. or shortly after, I am heading to bed here shortly but I wanted to say good night to my readers and friends here at Dear Diary before it got any later.

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