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Whether or not…seriously enough…people want to believe me, I have now realized who my true friends even more so this evening than any other day I have already lived and played. My true friends I feel bad for but for those who are not my true friends, I have to admit that feeling sorry for them in any way is absolutely a waste of my time and space. Am I upset? Generally speaking I am beyond upset. I am a pissed off woman of 2008, and I have not been pissed off in a long time. Some people in my life have to grow up sooner or later and pay whatever consequences come their way because if I have ever done anything wrong, I expect, to seriously, pay the consequences. I personally know of someone who can get away with things that can baffle one person and then another. This very person, generally speaking, can no longer be trusted in my book or in my life. I am walking away from negativity even more so this hour than any other hour I have already walked away from negativity. Am I pissed? Oh yeah, I am. I know the truth and some people don’t want to even face the truth. When I have been faced the truth in the past I have shed many tears, thought about what has been said to me, and did my best to learn from it. Some people in my life definitely have to grow up and shut up and stat eating the shit that they spill out themselves and learn from it. I know who my true friends are now more than ever.

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