A Worthwhile Vacation …

I did not leave to go anywhere exactly as I stayed home the past couple of days. Just took a couple of days off and gave myself a little vacation from Dear Diary since Tuesday I was busy and yesterday I was just as busy, and tonight, once again I am going to be busy once again. There is a man who is interested in me and I have been told by my friend LS that he’s coming over shortly. ( hope to God he shows up. Anyway, the past two days have been great! I have really enjoyed myself … bowled Tuesday night and went out to an annual dinner meeting for Independent Disabilities Board (IDS). I had a great time last night. I felt dressed up and confident about last night but there were a couple of people who did not dress up the way I felt was appropriate but then again … I am not those people. But I do believe that they could have dressed up a little better in my book. I grew up with nice clothes all my life even though I do prefer to dress down a lot of the time. When I get the chance to dress up nicely, I will take that opportunity and go from there. Now, it is back to today. More later tonight

I have company coming shortly…I hope!

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