I know it is late and I will be glad it is almost over. Bed time is soon arriving and right now I am just in the mood to write some feelings and thoughts out before losing my mind to the point of screaming…so here it goes…

Honesty is the best policy Why is being honest so hard for some people? It just makes me mad when a person does not tell me the truth from the start…seriously. Finding out the truth about something really hurts and there is one person in my life, friend or not, has really said something to a friend of mine that has bothered me for over a week now. Being honest here I have wanted to, since I have heard, to say to this person that she is a liar, not a friend at all talking about me behind my back. The lying part, as we know it, can be overlooked at this point but what was said and it got back to me, is something I will not overlook at all. Some people HAVE TO GROW UP!

For the Most Part I do have to admit that, even the fact that something was said about me and who I heard it from, and who said what was said, for the most part I do have to say that my week has gone by real well for the most part, lol. I do keep saying that, don’t I? Another lol. I have been keeping myself busy so my time is not on the computer like I once have been since I began school in January 2005 – February 2008, and once again I will be busy with classes…yeah!!

One more thing Time has come to be going to bed here shortly but I have one more thing. All is fine now but I do have to admit that I was not okay a while ago for some reason. Now with the weather changing from hot to warm to warm to cold temperatures are coming into the nearest future. I can not explain it right now but will later.

Good Night It is time for me to say good night.

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