Entry #2

I was going to be on earlier but I was not feeling the greatest physically, mentally, or emotionally, so entry #2 will be my last entry of the day. Sorry about that. Why am I apologizing anyway? I always say I am sorry when I do not have to. I guess habits are hard to kill or taper off apparently. Anyway. here I am, going to bed after this since I am still not feeling that great. I had some popcorn for a smack earlier in the afternoon and I guess it is not settling all too well. I could not even eat my supper without the feeling of choking or having any food in my mouth. I do not have the flu or anything … a cold, yes, but that’s it.

Because I was not feeling that great physically this afternoon, after eating that popcorn, I have been kind of restless the entire afternoon and evening … even now I am restless. Honestly, what is wrong with me, too. I have nothing to be anxious about … do I? I hope not anyway.

As it is … nothing much happened today. Both Bing and I lounged all day long and napped here and there. A nap for me today was there but it just did not happen. Like I said, I was restless all afternoon and evening since I ate some popcorn for a snack. I will be okay as usual.

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