A Time To Vent … Again!

I am fine emotionally … just a little niffed because of the fact that my rent check did not get cashed until today and it drove me crazy for the entire month from the 8th to today. What is wrong with people. The good thing is that I do have money in my account but honestly, what is wrong with the person who takes care of our rent checks after they leave the building. There are tenants here who find their checks bounce because they do not delete it from the checkbook after they write the check out. I have learned that the hard way a couple of years ago myself and that lesson was learned rather quickly … along with anxiety and other issues that came along the way. Living here has become a nightmare more so than anything else in my once happy home. I am so glad that I stay close to home these days now than ever. I do not trust many people anymore.

There is a party on the 15th of November and I do not want to go. I have my reasons and I do not feel comfortable with that group of “friends” anymore. If people think I am going to be alone … so be it … I’d rather be alone than with a bunch of people who are back stabbers and not trustworthy anyway. If I go to this birthday party, I have a feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen. Anyway, I can not go…have a family thing going on.

The sun is not shining today. Have to get ready to go to lunch with a friend to get out of here for a while.

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