My Day Today — Wednesday

Has anyone made last minute plans in life? Think carefully and slowly before you answer this question because today was one of those days that I made plans with a friend at the last minute and did enjoy myself very much. Took a friend out to lunch at Ponderosa. Everything was fine except for the fact that ny steaks had to be redone three different times before they were edible, but by the third time, my steak was perfect. I even had to bring some of my steak home to have for breakfast or lunch tomorrow. Ponderosa still is my favorite restaurant, though. I do not know the manager personally but being a customer of Ponderosa for a long time, and I got to know the manager by going to Ponderosa often. Today he was not at work. He was at a conference in Florida … and he did not take me? LOL

After dinner, LS and I went to the bank to take care of some personal business and then we came home for the day. LS was going to come down to visit for a while but something came up to deter her from coming down to visit and that is okay with me. It is getting late anyway, and it is almost 3 hours past my bedtime. I did have company over for a while so I could see my Munchkin Bear for a while. Yep, Bear came up with my friend JT to visit. I need to take care of me, Bing, and my health now.

I had a fairly good day … cold outdoors but I did have a good day. I got away from my apartment for awhile anyway.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I had written a private entry earlier … not a friend’s only entry … I did write a “friend’s only” entry today as well, but that is not what I am talking about anyway. Without going into any detail at the moment I do have to admit that something was said earlier today that kind of got me thinking … JS thinks that I am mad at her because I have not called or sent her any text messages from my cell phone at all for a couple of days. To be honest with myself here, I am not mad at anyone. I just have a life outside now and I do not have a lot of time now that I am busy every week now. Hearing that someone thinks that I am mad at them from another person makes me wonder sometimes. I do have a life outside this building that does not include my friends on the inside anyway. My world is different nowo as well.

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2 thoughts on “My Day Today — Wednesday”

  1. i go to a restaurant about 1 a year and i don’t like being waited on, that pic is ugly and i am cold, and why i put that pic up there is because i am cold, and heartless and have no feelings, and instead of listening to a still small voice i listen to my own, and as miserable and wretched as i am i want to try to make as many people as i can miserable, i have no desire to help anyone

  2. sounds like an awesome day!

    I wish my case worker would come over more often. I hate being stuck inside the house all the time.

    I hate the thought of being out in the world even more! lol

    I love steak! yum!

    <3 Sue

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