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Since November 2nd – I have been very busy and unable to write in my journal/diary here. All is fine but a lot has happened since I last wrote on November 2nd. I am okay but I am dealing with some changes in my world that have been both fast and slow changes. We no longer have JL and TL as managers here at our building but we do have new management and the managers are very nice people. I really do not know how their first week went otherwise than okay and that they are moved in and getting settled. We had a mandatory tenant meeting on Wednesday of last week and that went okay as well. I have been super duper busy with school that I have been so busy to enjoy some personal aspects of my life. Sleeping has been hard to find until last night. It gets so hot up here on the third floor!!! I have an appointment this afternoon, bowling tomorrow. I think Wednesday is the next best day to enjoy myself in my personal world and not in my school world. I have company coming Wednesday and we have a potluck on Wednesday at dinner. I am looking forward to it.

My first week in school could have been better … Did not do too bad on the paper I did but my score 14/18 was a downfall to some point but now I know what the instructor/facilitator/professor/teacher expects out of his students so I am inclined to do my very best at what I can do in my homework assignments. I got a C+ in week 1 but I am entitled to get A’s throughout the rest of the class and I have five weeks left – actually four weeks as of tomorrow anyway

I have been under the weather for various reasons as well and can not really pinpoint the real/final reason yet, either. More later…

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