Lots of Stuff Going On – Capturing the Past Week

Last Wednesday – We had a tenant meeting that was mandatory and some things were discussed that just put me in a state of mind of not listening anymore. A couple of people or more actually, who were across the room from me could tell that my face was telling that the conversational piece was totally pointless since the discussion matter really happened a year ago and that problem has been resolved. Honestly, people in this building have to get different lives than the lives some of them are living today. Not totally new lives but lives of more satisfaction to themselves than trying to destroy the lives of others some way or another.

Last Thursday – I know I am dealing with another urinary tract infection! Dang!

Last Friday – Did not sleep good through the entirety of the week and so here I am wondering what in the world am I doing or not doing. Sleeping is more like it really. Sleep has to come sooner or later.

Saturday – Bored but not totally! School is going fine. Did not do well in week 1 at a 77% but as week 2 comes into play, I hope I do better or at least bring my score up. My first paper was not terrible exactly but did miss some points in the paper and got 11/15 points on the paper. My feelings of my first paper were of some disappointment but not of utter disappointment for once in my lifetime. It was my first week and I did not know how the instructor would grade so now after my first week, I do know how the instructor works so I am pushing my butt to continue to my best but at a different level (higher level) and I am pushing my guns as far as they will go without harming myself emotionally, physically, and mentally during the next four weeks of class. I know I can do it and I will do it.

Sunday – I have really enjoyed working with my learning team in class and we got our paper done and posted for our Monday’s assignment or at least ready for posting anyway. My teammates are wonderful people to work with.

Monday – Survived another week of class. Wondering, joyously and anxiously how well I did compared to week 1’s score of 14/18 points.

Tuesday – Got my scores for week 2 which brought up my grade from a 77.78% to an 84.38%

Today – Will not go thee just yet! I will write more tomorrow when i am taking a break from research and writing my 3rd week individual paper.

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