Gotta Watch Our Words Don’t We?

This afternoon I was downstairs in the community room playing a Cat-opoly which is a rendition of Monopoly with my friend LS. We had a couple of watchers and LS and I were having loads of fun before it got real late and dark, Anyway, during the time we were playing I had learned that we have to watch what we say or certain things go flying about what was said, heard, and done. Doesn’t anyone know that words hurt some people? DANG! Anyway, I had said something that got kind of distorted — in other words I believed I had assumed instead of knowing the facts but what I did hear from my ears where I was sitting I thought I had heard to familiar voices of two neighbors and then I had gotten a phone call later confirming something and I just went “what!” That is where I feel I may have assumed more than getting the facts more so than anything. Honestly, what I said now may go through all the building now1 DANG! I do not understand people anymore!!!!

Author: ksmiley

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