One Final Thought

I personally thought I was going to be in bed and asleep by now but the sleepless feeling has crept in its evil doing on me for the moment, lol. I am okay…truly, and really. I have been reading a good book written by Mary Jane Clark titled “Lights Out Tonight” and the book is that good. As a matter of fact, when I had called the library on Wednesday to recheck when my books were due they were overdue but was able to renew the books I have been reading one final time before returning them and paying for the overdue, which I have not had in a long time now. Go figure that one out… Time had escaped me and it sure was embarrassing to find out that my books were overdue. I hate that actually. Anyway, the book is getting real good and I can not put the book down without fighting to open it again to read where I had left off from before. I just LOVE to read. Reading is a passion of mine and I have enjoyed reading ever since I was a grade school student and my first books I ever read was Ramona series written by an author I have temporarily forgot her name…was it Beverly Cleary? I do not remember right now since it is going to be midnight in a few minutes — twenty minutes or so from now anyway. Oh well.

Well, I am off to bed here shortly if bed is allowing me to stay still for a few minutes. Good night and God bless.

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