Words Do Hurt

Honestly, don’t people have better things to do other than say things that can hurt someone? Honestly, if our former manager was here today I believe very well what was said would not have been said. Some people around here are two-faced people and trusting someone is not easy around here. I swear that some people around here need to get lives and move on out of here where they belong because honestly some people do not belong here. I may be some kindhearted soul that wears her heart on her sleeve for the most part so when a dear friend of mine is being talked about, my heart just aches and I just want to cry my eyes out until no more tears come out. Some people are just downright mean and do not care if feelings are hurt and here I was on Thursday sharing Thanksgiving dinner with that someone as well. Honestly! People need to get lives around here. I have had it and I just wanted to go downstairs and be a part of conversation without a hitch but it turned out to be a hitch was involved. Coffee and donut time has become a time of something other than gossip and rumors being spread about! Honestly, I am sick of it. I am so glad I have my apartment — my safety place with my good ol’ cat Bing Crosby!

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