Today Was Not So Bad…Not At All

Writing tonight a little bit early and then off to bed I go…

Today was not so bad…not at all…really, seriously. My LSW was here this morning a little after 8:30 a.m. and we got the living room picked up, the laundry put away, the floors swept and mopped, and off she went to another client. LB was not here for very long … a half an hour at the most. I was glad to see her here and glad that she was able to get out of here quickly. My apartment, thanks to a dear friend of mine, was not too bad. I am a clutter freak though, though. That’s okay, I guess…to some point anyway.

Between the time of my LSW and my Bible study, the gal who does the cleaning of the building was vacuuming the third floor hallway carpet and she stopped in to visit for a few minutes while having a glass of water. KM is a very nice person and she does a fabulous job cleaning. Bing really likes KM and of course she gave him attention and loved EVERY MINUTE of it as always. He was even a show off, lol.

CN came about 12 noon … about an hour earlier than expected because I had called her and told she could, and we got a chapter done in our study today. We talked about good and evil—of demons and angels and how we have to stay away from the demons and how we can protect ourselves from falling into Satan’s snares of the world and of the flesh. CN left a little after 1 p.m. where I took the rest of the day for myself, saw my friend JT and her boyfriend dropped by for a few minutes to say hello. Then nap time erupted while watching television. That is why bedtime is going to be earlier tonight than usual, and it is only going on 8:45 p.m. right now. I am tired, I am pooped out. My left third toe is hurting!!!!

Tomorrow begins another, wonderful school day of posting to discussions and my assignment for this week is to write a press release and a memo describing the conditions of the CFO leaving/resigning and that the SEC has found some problem with the revenues portion of accounting practices not right, so I have to write a press release to the inform the public and the company of needs to be done and so forth. This is my last week of class for Communications For Accountants and I WANT to get that 3.0 so bad!

No games at tonight. I am going to go to my bedroom and do some reading and thinking of what I am going to do for this assignment, and more important get some sleep. I am so tired and so pooped out tonight and I did not do much except cleaning and had company for part of the day. I am not always a busy gal but tomorrow shows to be the same for now. I am going to go back to the basics here shortly.

I am going to say good night and God bless here. Time for me to go. By the way, does anyone know Weapons? I wish Weapons would stop being a jerk and leave me alone. If you want to talk about being offensive, I can definitely say, “gee, what’s wrong with people these days?” This is my journal, my place, my world, and if someone does not like what I say then please don’t read my journal and I won’t read yours. I am sick and tired of people walking all over me and doing their hardest to drag me down to their levels that I could care less. If someone wants me to be a bitch, I will be one…you can count on that! Weapons, please leave me alone. Thanks!

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