A “Blah-like” Day

I did not feel like doing anything much today except lay around and watch television, read, and cuddle with Bing. I am having a “blah-like” day today. I just did not want to do nothing. I am a woman today and it really stinks right now. I am moody, tired, and not very talkative to a lot of people. I did not want to even go far from home today or outside the building all day long. I just wanted to stay in my pajamas all day long and do absolutely nothing. Today kind of sucked for me and boredom did not set in like I thought it was going to so I am happy and okay with that. I do not what I am so moody about because I am just plain moody and a witch in mind. Bing has been a very good cat all day long for the day so I did not have any problems with him — never really have any problems with Bing. He is always a good cat. He was very supportive and talkative and he helped me with my mood swings going back and forth and he even kneaded bread on my stomach and legs and slept with me when I napped on the living room bed. Am I tired now? Oh yes, I am very tired even though it is kind of late and I want to go to bed so bed time is not that far behind now. Being a woman every month stinks and I can not wait for the womanness to go away even though I am glad I am a woman every month. See…I am very moody for some reason. Can not explain it except for the fact that my hormones are raging like wildfire today and always. Today has been a “blah-like” day and I feel I am a little bitchy and a witch right along with it once again. These cramps can go away any time soon … I hate them!

Tomorrow will be a better day hopefully and we shall see. Right now to be very honest with you, I hope that tomorrow will be a better day to do my homework and get my last assignment finished for the class I am now in until the 8th of December. I do know that I am a tad a bit worried because I did not get my grade yet for the 5th week and so I am wondering if something is wrong and something is needed to get something done much more quicker. None of my teammates have received their grade yet either. I just do not know what to think right now. I feel like a witch, being bitchy, and I am worried today. What is wrong with me. I am so moody right now. These cramps can go away now anytime soon! I hope tomorrow will be a better day for me. Being moody is not my style here.

I will be back tomorrow.

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