Definitely Today Was Better

I am not as moody as I was yesterday…that’s for sure. I am okay now. Comparing yesterday to today, today is definitely better than yesterday. I did much today and had company over for supper tonight and now I have time for myself and bed time is soon to arrive for me. I feel I did not do much even though I did do some homework, worked on the newsletter with the new manager, and did have company over for supper. I am not as moody as I was yesterday even though I feel I had a mishap and that had to be taken care of as well as cleaned up, and I felt the embarrassment to some point. I am just glad that I have an understanding friend tonight. I have aches and pains tonight but I am not sure if the aches and pains are resulting to the cold weather outdoors or the fact that my medication is causing the aches and pains. I am not even going to worry about it right now because if I do, I know i will be an emotional basket case once again and I have walked down a path to get away from being a basket case, and getting there was one long hull for me. Want to talk about a narrow path? That is exactly what it was…a narrow path. Today was definitely better than yesterday. YAY!

Author: ksmiley

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