Why Me?!

Honestly, why do people have to be downright mean and nasty? It just makes me sick and tired of playing their games and bending to their level in life. People who are mean and nasty to others are so insecure of themselves it just makes me want to laugh sometimes because it is so obvious at times. Other times I want to stomp my feet and scream at the top of my lungs. Some people do not even get the message to leave me alone either and it is just downright silly to continue trying to get in contact with me because I will no longer respond to phone calls or messages from certain people anymore. When it comes to Dear Diary here, I will just delete all nasty and mean comments and ban other diarists from leaving comments. I know that it satisfies other people who are mean to be mean but in all honesty, it is downright cruel to be such a person as that. Mean and cruel people are negative and I am walking away from negativity. I have made that very important resolution in my life last year and I am continuing with that resolution this year. I am NOT going to stop writing my thoughts, feelings, and ventings here because of one’s stupidity and cruelty, I have better things to do and I will always walk away and come back later. People … come on…. GET A LIFE!

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