A Quickie

Not much is really going on right now. I got up and about at 11 s.m. this morning even though I was up by 8 a.m.. I had to snuggle with Bing who was being a cutie sleeping and wanting to be around and cuddled. Bing gets cuddly everyday and always is there when I wake up in the morning. After 11 a.m. this morning, getting ready was going kind of slow but once I got my hair washed and dressed, it was not so bad. Having to go out in this cold weather really is something I do not want to do but will because of the fact the appointment I have today is VERY important at 2:45 p.m.. I am going to meet a new Psychologist where I go counseling this afternoon. My ride is going to be picking me up in about a half an hour so I do not have a whole lot of time to write right now. That is why my first entry of today is titled “A Quickie”.

School is going fine but this week the time is going by so quickly that I have no time to breathe and have for myself and Bing, but I am managing just fine. I am looking forward to getting away for about an hour or so … away from this building for a while to get some fresh air and see my case worker who is going with me. I am in one of my moods a little bit because I am kind of nervous about meeting someone new to me but I would rather meet this someone new than go back to my Psychologist who was before Dr. C who has left some time ago.

Gotta go and get ready to leave. TTYL

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