All is Fine

Not much going on right now really. Just turned the television off for the rest of the evening and in a while I am going out to eat with two good friends…maybe three if CB okays the idea of having another along. Yes, this past week has been chaotic and totally an up and down week but I am still here — survived it all. I did have some good points of my week too of course. Evening is upon us here in Wisconsin shortly as the day turns into night — giving it another day ahead. My phone has somewhat rung off the hook but it has been all in business related stuff and so on. Honestly, this past week, with my telephone ringing off the hook, it has sent my nerves into a nervous frenzy that teetered onto the edge of breaking me down to endless tears. Then, as the week continued onward to its final day — the seventh day — getting rid of some stuffed animals just practically killed me so a good friend of mine helped box up my stuffed animals and store them someplace in his parents home until this summer. Getting rid of stuffed animals was not an idea of mine I can even think of following through. I had gotten rid of the bed in the living room for reasons I did not need it anymore and it was just cumbersome to have it and then again I wanted my living room a living room again … not a bedroom/living room combination. All the stuffed animals I have, now boxed and put away, are very special to me and ALL of them have special purpose in my life, my world, even though I am still 38 years old. Stuffed animal collecting is one of my fun activities in life. I will go through my stuffed animals one day very soon and see what ones are worth giving away to kids who really need or want a stuffed animal of their own. I do feel great at heart that someone got the bed I gave to the Salvation Army the other day.

I do have a lot more to day but only so little time to say it right now. I will be back later tonight to finish my thoughts before they eat my right up inside. Dinner is in prospect here shortly.

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