Okay, Here It Goes…

This week so far may not have been one of the best weeks I have ever played or lived but it was one of those weeks lived no matter if I liked it or not. Life went on no matter what this week has come to at this point in time. I am not complaining or worried because then it just gives a time to vent or say what I nee to say in order to get anything out of my mind and soul before it eats me alive and I lose sleep over it. Believe it or not, there was one night this week so far I have lost sleep but I believe I have recovered from it fine and surely even though I am not sure of what direction I am heading. It is one of those times that have come to be unforeseeable and was not all too pleasant. I am still alive and lived through it, and no marks upon me except a heart that feels heavy with a burden I am yet not sure what to do, and I have been praying to God to find an answer. I am waiting patiently … as patient as I will with the week that I have lived so far. But there have been some good things as well, of course…and those things were planned and still in the works since there is a couple of days left this week yet to play so my week has not been a total disaster or a place of total disarray if there is such a thing as chaos these days. Yes, my week was sort of chaotic that I did not even want my living skills coordinator over on Tuesday and I did not want to go to my counseling appointment but knew that if I did go, it would be of more help than anything so I went to my appointment. I even got out of my apartment for a couple of hours yesterday and will be gone tomorrow for a while in the evening sharing time with two good friends of mine.

I did have a friend over for a while tonight as well so once again my week has not been a total disaster but definitely chaotic. On Tuesday and Wednesday, a good friend of mine took my living room bed out of here and took it to the Salvation Army so someone else can have a nice bed after I used it for 11 years and just do not need it or want it anymore. I had talked to MEE and he told me that my bed already had a sold sign on it yesterday when he took the last part of the bed to the Salvation Army, and I personally I was a tad bit shocked because it was sold so quickly but then my heart went into a patter putter time because I know whoever bought it will enjoy the bed very much and it will serve the person well as the bed did me all these years of 11 I have had it. With the bed out of my living room now, it definitely looks like a living room now instead of a bedroom/living room. It looks nicer in here.

So I guess I can say there has been some good out of this chaotic week…praise the Lord.

It has been one of those weeks…that’s all, and I will be absolutely fine. God has blessed me along the way. Oh yeah…got rid of some books too and plan to get rid of more in the next few days for the Salvation Army or Goodwill stores.

Yep, I am changing my tune a little bit but I am still me.

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