My Evening

I have had a good evening and my friend did have her friend go with us tonight for supper so there was three friends of mine enjoying dinner out instead of three of us. It was an enjoyable evening and to be very honest with you … I did have a good time and so did my friends. I had steak dinner with baked potato and sour cream, corn, salad with blue cheese dressing. It was delicious and very worthwhile the money. With time almost 10:30 p. I am going to be going to bed here in a few minutes because of the fact that I will be going to church in the morning despite how cold it is going to be getting — 25 degrees below zero…brrr! I just have not been to church in a while…again and so I better be going and fellowshipping with other wonderful Christians of my faith. I am, now, as the hour is getting late, will say that I am tired and rearing to go to bed here very soon. It has been hard to stay awake before midnight because I take medication at night to help me sleep a good night’s rest. I think, even though I didn’t really have an order of thought at this hour of the night, going to say good night and God bless my readers and friends here at Dear Diary, and go to bed here now. Good night and God bless, and do sleep well!

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