I am up late tonight but there was good reason for it. Bedtime is around the corner and I will be retiring to bed in a few minutes. Have not written since the 1st of February because I have been busy with lots of chores and things to do. Bing was trying to get up on top of the fridge a moment ago but he got caught on the counter and was told to get down. He listened to me for the most part. He os now resting in his new cat house in the kitchen by his food and water dishes. He is thinking about getting up on the counter again, that little stinker, lol. He is not a bad cat at all. He is now laying on the kitchen floor knowing that I am in control of his actions of both good and not good. He is still a good listener. I do allow him to be a cat now and then of course. What I do not see or know because I am in another room, that is when I allow him to be a cat, lol.

Well, I am getting tired. Going to bed.

Good night everyone.

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