Afternoon Thoughts

I feel tired and worn out and I did not do anything yet today! I am recovering from yesterday’s doctor’s appointment apparently. As I have already said, my appointment went fairly well. There are a couple of concerns and my doctor is on top of the concerns as of right now. I have Swiss cheese for bones and my parathyroid is out of whack but my doctor is, like I said already, on top of the concerns. My kidney, after 21 years and at 65 years of age at the end of the month, is doing well despite the other problems I have found out. My appointment was quick, easy, and done within twenty minutes and even waiting for my lab results (blood work) did not seem to take forever even though 45 minutes passed before my met with my kidney coordinator and was discharged.

Right now I am working on recovering from yesterday’s appointment. I do not seem to have any energy whatsoever right now period and that is unusual for me! I will be okay otherwise. Just tired and ready for relaxation.

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