Catching Up on My Diary

I know I have been fairly busy not to have an entry written everyday lately but today is one of those days I am catching up on my diary a bit. School has been very busy lately and I have decided to take a week off of my studies and return on the 24th. Having a few days off from studies means a lot to me at this time because I have been under a lot of stress lately … to the point that my world is very reserved right now for only a few people. Even my time outside the home has been limited. I had my appointment on Thursday and I got some news I did not expect … in the long run my kidney transplant is still going strong but I found out that I have other issues that are going on. My coordinator will get back to me next week when she talks to the doctor about what is the next step for the other health issues that have crept up in the past year. No big deal otherwise I would have been hospitalized on Thursday. At least I am home.

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