The Mermaid Girl – Shiloh Pepin

For over an hour there has been tears shed – not of pity or shame but of “way to go” and a story of love. The story, about a young girl who was born with her legs fused together, had really made my heart really think of how blessed this family was to have a daughter beat the odds of the condition she was born with and have lived a young, bubbly life that there shared smiles, tears, and communication that many families do have during crucial times. This story, about Shiloh Pepin really touched my heart in a way that I had to call my mom, with tears welled in my eyes, to tell her that I was very blessed with all that happened to me since I was a child growing up whereas this little girl who is called the “mermaid girl” because of her fused legs needs to have more medical care than I ever did in the twenty-one years since the kidney transplant I had at the age of seventeen. My heart goes out to Shiloh in a way that I cannot explain openly in a verbal sense because the words do not form easily. I want to meet Shiloh and meet such a pumped up little girl living a normal life. Way to go, Shiloh! God loves you and appreciates you for you!

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