My Sunday

I have a lot on my mind but only a little time to write it so I am not going to write what is on my mind tonight but will tomorrow after I get up and going. To begin with … after what I heard from a friend of mine tonight … I am somewhat in shock with what was told to me. What I am shocked about is what I heard but inside I knew something was not right about something/someone exactly. Will write my thoughts about that tomorrow.

Today was Mother’s Day. Talked to my mom briefly. Called a few other mothers and wished them a happy day as well. Did a lot of reading, cuddling with my Bing Noel-Nuggles Crosby kitty, and took a brief nap while watching television today. It is late now and this is the latest I have stayed up in such a long time that I am glad that bed time is coming in a few minutes. After writing this, I am going to bed.

All is fine here.

Good night and God bless all of of my readers and friends here at DD.

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