That Something / Someone

Remember yesterday when I had written that I am in shock somewhat about what was told to me by a friend of mine? Well, that something was about a someone, and honestly, I know deep down that something was not exactly truthful about this someone I had gotten reconnected with a few weeks ago. This someone is a liar or has not been quite truthful about some things in this person’s life. Anyway, this one person has been deleted from my friend’s list on Facebook and blocked. This person is NOT allowed in my life ever again. When a person is not being quite truthful with me or any of my friends, like my friend who has found out some things about this one person, that person is not a part of my life. I do not need the negativity in my world and that is final and my world without negativity has been doing a lot better. My one friend called me a few minutes ago and told me that there is a lot of stuff on this one person and she is going to share that information with me shortly. My friend told me that some of the stuff she found out will be laughable. What would be laughable is something I will find out shortly. What is laughable about a lying so-called friend? Nothing, really.

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