It’s Possible…

I have fears and those fears are relentless as well as justified more of the time than not. I have gotten past a few of my fears in the past few months but I do have to admit that I have this one particular fear that just will not leave me alone and it has been only a few weeks ago that this fear has come about. Growing up in the country and getting to know a few kids of my class has been great but after twenty years since graduation, a few kids have been lost and found again in a whole different light. One light, a dark one at that, has come about once more. A light that has not shown brightly even when I was a young girl in the ending of grade school and three years of middle school in the country. One person comes to mind. I won’t mention his name or anything but will say that this person is a male and I personally thought that he had changed through the years for the better but realized recently he has not. Strangely enough I believe that this man has changed for the worst instead of the better and has flown away from the realities of the world and lives among fantasy as he always seemed to have lived. This man, sick in the head as he turned out to be, has really proved to be even more sick in the head.

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