Okay…it’s only the 3rd of June and I have a busy two months already ahead of me! YIKES!! That’s good though. My world is doing just fine where it is at right now, too, and nothing is going to be allowed to disrupt it either! School is going great and so is the rest of me. Bing and I are doing just fine. We have not totally isolated ourselves from the world outside the front door…the only door out but we have isolated ourselves from the drama climaxes that occur in this building nonstop and no fear involved. I do get out of this apartment more than people know really. I even answer the telephone to certain people now and that includes some friends and all family members who call me or wish to call me and my doing this is for a specific reason of staying as ssne as possible if being sane is really already gone, lol. With June in the works, it is important to keep up with what goes on in my life at even keel and if once the evenness is interrupted, the evenness will take a while for it to come back into my world.

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