Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Okay…some people are NOT learning that they are barking up the wrong tree here. Do I feel ashamed? No, I do not feel ashamed at all. I have to live my life in safety and not in any harm whatsoever. I am no longer speaking to a certain someone who was my friend anymore because of the fact that she turned out to be a liar and one person you can not trust. Allowing a registered sex offender into the building is not safe for other people and that safety does not always come in numbers anymore. I am beginning to realize that deceit is a big issue with some people, especially me, and I have been deceived by someone who I thought was my friend. If this person, whom I am speaking about without sharing her name, can allow a registered sex offender into her life, dangers are lurking not that terribly far from the safety zone. This registered sex offender, a middle school colleague of mine…unfortunately, has done something wrong wheter or not he was alone in his action(s) or was a participator of the action(s) is one person who I have learned most recently not to believe anymore. Are we friends? No we are not friends. I am afraid of him….wanting sex all the time is not right. Something is not right about this man. Has he really done his time and paid for it? I believe his judgment is not yet finished. The fact that this female friend friend lying to me really bothers me to the point that I have gotten emotionally sick again. The heat we had last week, the reason why I have not been on everyday, got me dehydrated to some point, but was not in the need of IV. Thank goodness for that. Whew. Anyway, trustworthiness has been misplaced with two specific people in my life to where speaking to them is out of the question for now in hopes that I never speak or see these two people ever again. NEVER!

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