Will I Find Peace Here at Teamster Manor

Honestly, I am not sure if I will find peace at Teamster Manor here anymore. Living here at Teamster Manor now-a-days have become an unhappy one at that. I can not wait until Saturday, June 11, 2009 when my friend SJ and I leave Janesville for the day and the entire night visiting my Aunt Jackie while planning on going to a wedding — a cousin of mine getting married this coming weekend. Teamster Manor has become a face with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and two ears…seriously. This place has become Peyton Place or Melrose Place in the years I have lived here. Leaving here has become so welcome that returning back here has become an unhappy one at that. I am surprised that I am still sane in this place. I would rather stay in my apartment and not be bothered by anyone unless I choose to be with others from inside here. My door is locked all the time now as well as my phone being answered on occasion now more so than anything. Do I sound horrible? I do not like my life being told by others and twisted about. I have a lot of things to care for, to yet understand, and give my time to. I cannot sit and worry anymore. I do not have the time or the strength anymore. Whatever happens now in my life, my little world, goes as it does. My destiny is my own. I can not wait until I leave for the night this coming weekend!!! YAY!

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