Out of Town

I am out of town…in the country for the night. The wedding I attended was beautiful and sweet. I never attended a double wedding before until today and now I can say I have. The wedding was beautiful, different, and fun. Even the reception was fantastic. I was with a good friend of mine and among family who also attended. I got to see family out of state at the wedding and at the reception for awhile before they left for the night. I did not dance but I did enjoy seeing everyone else have a good time dancing and chatting. Seeing cousins I have not seen in a long time has been wonderful, Now I am, along with my friend who came with me, visiting with an aunt until morning. Having my CPAP machone, my overnight and day clothes packed in a paper bag, and my laptop, and purse made my traveling not so light. Being with and around family has been fun today. I am glad to be out of town today. Tomorrow, I practically dread it now, I have to return back to Teamster Manor and face the unknown all over again. I personally wish that i could stay up here with my aunt forever! It is so quiet and peaceful around here in the country — on what used to be the farm with milking cows just a ways away with the sound of milk-house going and cows mooing. Now no more but the shell of a farm with beef cattle.

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