Back Home — Private Today

I am now back home safe and sound from being out of town. I did not want to be leave my aunt’s place but I had to get back to my Bing Crosby here who missed me very much. It is okay being back home. I am, after being back a little while now, is being private today. Very private and taking very few or no calls. I am back in the ol’ city after being in the country for a little over 24 hours now. The noises of the city are back playing their sounds once again. I remember how well I slept at my aunt’s only getting up once after sleeping a total of seven hours without fail. I was not afraid of the house or anything but the memories of the old house flooded my memory a couple of times making me feel like something or someone was watching me in the dark. I am okay. That thought only lasted a moment or two. I am back home. Am I going t be able to sleep in my bed tonight. We shall find out. I am going to retire for the night anyway.

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