It Has Already Begun…Oh Boy!

I have been home one night now and it has already begun…the stories of what happened while I was gone for the night Saturday to Sunday afternoon. I have already heard a story about what happened between two tenants and what was about to happen with another two tenants with one person. UGH! To be very honest here, what happened had happened for a reason because a tenant did not mind her own business and meddled in another situation where this tenant did not belong. The tenant who was upset had every right to be upset and the name calling, even though it should not have happened, was justified. After hearing the story I pretty much one sided with the one tenant but not the tenant who told me the story. Words that come out of JT today are not believed like they were once believed because my eyes have been opened to her lies and slutty ways. Please excuse me for saying such a word as “slutty” but this one tenant does have sex with a registered sex offender now and she does have a roving eye for the men in this building who do live here. You can just imagine what goes on behind closed doors at her place, that’s for sure. I know because I hear about it even though I have told this tenant to keep her mouth shut about it and her boyfriend because I do not want to hear about DW or even see his face that is scary enough. Having a a registered sex offender coming into this building is scary enøugh. That is one big reason why I want to leave here all the time. Never know when he is here or whern he is coming and he already gives a couple of tenants that creepy feeling, and at one time I believed this man to be handsome but not anymore. He is an ugly idiot.

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