My LSC came today and we got a lot done. We took stuff out of the freezer and fridge and cleaned it out along with throwing away “bad” food, cleaned and dusted, and put things away in their desirable places. LB was here for only 45 minutes and we got a lot done together. At 10 a.m. this morning my shower gal came and I had gotten my shower. I had joint pain that was a 7 when she got here and then when she left, my joint pain was a 5. I do have to admit that joint pain is a tad bit bothersome right now. Anyway, class began today. My 6th class titled “Financial Reporting”. I am looking forward, after having 3 weeks off of school, to doing classwork once again. I have realized that I have a lot of work cut out for me for the next six weeks. YAY! I know I can do it!!! I am like the engine that could that’s for sure.

After my LSC left and my shower gal left, I have decided to … take a day for myself and watch television movies for the most part of my day outside of working on Farm Town on Facebook. I have been a little bit bored today. Today’s class day was slow but tomorrow is a big study day after noon.

Time for bed now. Gotta get some sleep now.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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