Today has been a good day. I had a good day all day long. Did some studying, homework, and just pretty much took it easy for the most part. I am in one of my moods again this week – especially today. I talked to a dear friend of mine – one who does not live in Teamster Manor – who understands where I am coming from today. It seems, as personal as it has gotten to me, that since I have been out of town Saturday and back Sunday, I wish I was still on the farm visiting my aunt. It is so quiet and peaceful up there and I would get the rest I needed and could ever want whether my aunt was home or at work herself for the day. Being back here at Teamster Manor is like living in Peyton Place or even Melrose Place! This place is not fun to live in anymore. I am in one of my moods again this week so bear with me, okay. Otherwise I believe I had a good day. I did, seriously, sleep in until 10 a.m. today and it FELT GOOD! I cannot do that tomorrow or Friday even though the temptati0n is definitely there.

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