My World, My Space, My Time, My Life

My world, my space, my time, my life is one title that hits me very close to home right now — especially today. Let’s begin with:

My World
My world is mine — it evolves around me and it does not evolve around me. The evolving depends on what my world is doing. Today, my world is busy with activity around me and I am a small part of it. My phone is ringing off the hook today — a day that I have experienced often lately because I have been super busy with school, activities, and personal things. Today I am planning on doing my laundry, some study of my homework, read, and watch television and whatever comes. I am very picky today on who I see and do not see for some reason — probably because I am soon to expect my hormones to go out of whack in the next couple of days to several hours. LOL I personally do not feel like laughing much today. I feel like I am about to explode with raw and hurt emotion.

My Time
This where some of my emotion is feeling raw and hurt. I have time for myself for a reason and if I do not spend time for myself, I will become selective and bothered. I do not accept phone calls after a certain time anymore so it is important that I keep to my schedule so sleep does not come across as unrestful and bothersome. I don’t want to be bothered with other problems during my time because going to bed with a restless mind or body makes it tough for me and hard for me to function the next day. It can be scary at times. If anyone in my life cannot accept my time being what it is at times, then that is not my problem at all. I do have some emotional issues yet to work on.

My Space
My apartment is my space. I will invite those who are welcomed into my home, my space. I do not like to have my space invaded of people or things that make my space uncomfortable and bothered. I have a cat who is always in my space and that is okay because it is his space too. My space is not like my world at all but a part of my world. My world is a part of my space.

My Life
I can not really say much of my life except for the fact that my life is mine.

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