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I was awakened at 8:30 a.m. this morning to a phone call I dreaded once I heard the news. Two of my friends, from the apartment living program, IDS, were killed in a car accident yesterday afternoon and my heart just broke and tears began to form in my eyes and go down my cheeks. One of the friends who was killed was a gentleman I dated for a short time before we departed on mutual ground and became super duper good friends. Hearing the news, early in the morning was news I did not expect or wanted to hear. When I heard LB’s voice over the phone’s answering machine, the urgency to speak to me was almost frightening and I knew something serious had happened. Waking up to bad news is something we never expect in our lives. Visitation has been set for 4 – 7 Sunday afternoon and the funeral will be Monday — not sure of the funeral time yet but my morning appointment has been canceled for the day on Monday. I am going to both visitation and funeral.

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